VanPro Solutions is an innovative custom software consulting firm based in British Columbia. We work with our clients right from the start to give them the solution they need. “Software that makes sense, just for you”.

When a client has an idea for software development, one of the biggest challenges they face is turning that idea into a solid and cohesive project. VanPro Solutions will help the client to identify the key requirements of a project, including thinking beyond the project so that the possibility of future expansion won’t cause headaches down the road.

When the project has been defined we will help the client determine the best way to go forward based on their deadline and financial requirements. VanPro Solutions will see a project through to the end. We aren’t happy until you are.

Our Team

Henk vanBruggen

Consultant / Software Architect

Henk brings over 30 years of software development experience to VanPro Solutions. He has worked on projects ranging from business applications to GIS to industrial software to device firmware.

Henk brings his expertise to every project he works on, be it large or small. Whatever your project’s requirements, you can feel confident with Henk as a part of your team.


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Christine vanBruggen

Customer Relations

Christine brings a wealth of experience in customer relations to the table. As one of the founding members of VanPro Solutions she is intimately familiar with all of our projects and can ensure you get the answers to any questions you may have.


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