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  1. Just downloaded Value Shopper on my iPad and love love love it. I’ve been searching for an app like this for ages. Alas, my phone is a Samsung–any chance there will be an android release soon?

  2. I am very glad you like it. Sadly, android support is not in my near future plans. I would like to do it but I am not at all setup for android development at this time.

  3. Where is the HELP menu. I am not understanding GST, PST, HST, VAT? Something should come with this to show HOW to set this up. I want, for example, put in FOOD, then put VEGETABLES, then GREEN PEPPERS and it will tell me the price comparisons in the stores in my area, store names and all. SEND ME an Instruction guide. I need HELP or this is useless to me.

  4. You can find the manual here:
    or download a PDF version of the manual from here:

    GST, PST, HST, VAT are just names of taxes. In Canada they use two taxes called GST (Goods and Services Tax) and PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and at one time also had HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).
    Because I am canadian, I used these as defaults. They can be changed in the preferences to what ever names you like, and have whatever percentages you like. You can then choose to apply any, all or
    none of your taxes to any given item.

  5. About Project Tracker. This is a BEST tracker! If you want I can translate it to Russian. Can you add the ability to enter a payment from customers and print notes?

  6. Thank you very much, Aleksey. I like it too. 🙂 I am working on adding more functionality to the notes and I will add some print mechanism while I am at it.

    Supporting other languages is not in my short term road map because of the complexity that it can add, so we will have to see about that in the future.

    I have toyed with the idea of adding more support for financial information, and I am not sure how far I want to take it yet. This app is not meant to take the place a business application like
    Quicken. I would rather allow it to integrate with that sort of app, and that is already in the development plan, so I hope to finish adding that soon.

  7. I am writing for Value Shopper. The app is nice thought of and quite useful as well. However I would request you to add certain changes to it for the mac version.

    1. Please add currency selection
    2. the total price box(after tax calculation) is too small. if it has to be 4 digits or more it is a problem
    3. If you plan to create an advanced app, you can add the option of adding photos as well. this helps immensely when using app on iPhone.

  8. I have had Project Tracker for a while. There is a serious bug. When you pause and start the time tracker, time keeps running as if you hadn’t paused it.

    Say I pause the tracker at one minute. Start it again 30 seconds later. It should still be at 1 minute – however it shows 1m30s.

    I also suggest a hot key to be able to open and close the tracker window with all tasks, and being able to switch between them (up and down).

    Please can you remove the bug as I use this software daily.

  9. Hi Frank,

    Project Tracker has a feature which can be configured or disabled on the Preferences screen. This feature is called Auto Merge New Entries. The way it works is when you stop timing a project, if you
    then restart timing that same project within 5 minutes from when you stopped, it will merge those two time entries. The maximum amount of time between stop and start can be configured and the entire
    feature can be disabled if you do not want this behaviour. Please open the preferences window and go to the ‘Other’ tab to change that configuration.

    Henk vanBruggen
    VanPro Solutions

  10. Thank you for taking on the updates of Bwanadik. I’m sure MrSchilling would be honored that you have done so. While it works as designed the one thing I wish it would do is auto rotate between the
    various ip check websites on the net. Dyndns get a little picky if you check it too often. Great update. I like the new icons and alert choices.

  11. I have been using Project Tracker for about a year to track my time as a virtual assistant for multiple clients. I think the app is great for this purpose – simple and not too many hoops to jump
    through – very straight forward. But it still takes me an hour to process my monthly invoices because I have to transfer the information from Project Tracker to an Invoice template created in Excel.
    All I need is for the Project Tracker Invoice (available in the Reports section) to include the Project Notes for that day. If this option (notes included on invoice) was available, I would give
    Project Tracker a 5 star review!!

  12. Hi Stephanie, I’m glad you enjoy using Project Tracker. I will work on what you are requesting. It already does print notes if you include the time entries in the invoice (except there is a bug I
    just fixed that positions the notes incorrectly). I will see if I can get the notes out reasonably for just day entries.

  13. Just to let everyone know, the latest release of BwanaDik (v4.0.5) is broken. On some systems it is unable to reach the internet so it only ever shows a red globe. I have already fixed this bug and resubmitted v4.0.6 to the AppStore. It should be released by apple and available to everyone very soon. I am sorry for any inconvenience.

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