As a custom software development firm, VanPro Solutions can help you through every step of the process.

Strategies and Planning

Coming up with an idea is the easy part. There’s never a shortage of:

  • “wouldn’t it be cool if we could do this …”
  • “I really wish that the system worked this way…”
  • “I wish this system could share data with that system…”
  • etc.

Once the idea crops up, what’s next? How do you make it happen? Better yet, how do you determine if the idea is worth persuing at all?

At VanPro Solutions we can help you determine what is involved in making an idea into a reality. We will plan out the idea with you and help you figure out what it needs to do and what it needs to not do, including the technologies that might need to be involved. From there, together we will come up with a rough estimate for how much effort will be involved in making the idea a reality.

Once you’ve determined that you would like to go ahead with the project, we will work together a little more to firm up the project’s requirements in detail, and then we can work out a schedule for development.

Implementation and Support

You’ve gotten the project rolling, and the development is complete. At this point, we can either hand over the solution to you, or we can help you install it and help you make sure your staff is able to use it effectively, including onsite training seminars. We’re not happy until you are happily using your shiny new idea.

So, now you’ve been using this great idea for a while, and you realize that it would have been so great if it could do just one more thing, or do one thing a little different, or worse yet, something is broken. Perhaps a change in your technology has affected the software, or there is a bug in the software that our testing missed. This sort of thing happens. Software is a living thing and will always need to be maintained. The more complex or intricate a solution, the more chance that outside influence can affect it.

Not to worry. VanPro Solutions is still with you. We will help you determine how to get past the obstacle, and if on the off chance there is a bug in the software we’ve written, we will naturally fix it immediately.